During a vacation in beautiful Hawaii, I met an old friend from Vietnam. Both of our families had traveled here to celebrate our shared our anniversaries with our spouses. We had a wonderful trip and spent most of the time brainstorming how we could spend more time together. I knew that my friend was involved in manufacturing of headwear, but hadn’t spent much time asking details. After returning home, I was surprised to receive a parcel from my Vietnamese friend. It was a custom hat featuring an image of all of us together on the beach. The quality of the hat was amazing. I would call this my light bulb moment. I realized that with his expertise and my passion for customer service we could launch something that was missing in the global market. This is how PH Custom Designs was born.

Our customers need hats with their brand, they need hats for their sports team, for trade shows, for conferences, for events to celebrate and remember. We work with with all sorts of customers, from small families who are having reunions to large customers that buy thousands of units. One thing many of our customers have in common is they had never considered purchasing custom made hats shipping directly from a factory. It sounded like a far fetched, long distance transaction. Until now. We can help you to create your own custom hats, just like the big brands do. They will arrive directly from our Asian factories, on time, and produced exactly as you wished.

PH proudly supplies the highest quality headwear on the market, with the smallest minimum order quantity in the business. You can shop from a wide range of hats with no limits. We can produce using advanced computer generated artwork or photos from your cell phone of a simply sketch. You can even explain in an email and we will send you designs to pick from. We really want to encourage your creativity. Our comfortable to wear hats are 100% customizable with quality fabrics, supreme embroideries, screen prints, sublimations and embellishments. We are perfectionists that pay attention to the finite details. This enables us to provide you with a product that is exactly what you wanted. If not, we will do it again.


Our people are very easy to work with, you just need to give us your ideas, we can do the rest. We have PH Custom Designs staff at the factory and also in the USA.

We are not a trading company that will pass your order to the factory. This is very common in working with Asian factories. It’s not efficient and details can be lost by passing information too many times. Once your design is approved you will be working directly with the production staff, they will be updating you on your order, step by step. We have qualified graphic designers and developers on staff that work very closely with our clients to help properly evaluate your goals and assist in developing your product.

Our friendly and experienced team is literally your eyes and ears on the ground, from start to finish, giving you peace of mind that your hats will be delivered on time and to specification


The PH label is a statement of quality. It gives you confidence that you are purchasing headwear that has been manufactured to the highest standards.

PH Custom Designs manufacturers one time orders often, but we also have customers that we work with year after year. We believe in long term business relationships. Once you have tried PH Custom Designs we guarantee you will find us to be an authentic and trust worthy supplier. Why risk your brand’s reputation on an inferior manufacturer or trading company who’s credentials you are unsure of? Why deal with production that doesn’t match the pre production samples? This is very common when dealing with factories in across the globe. We hear all the stories from customers who were tricked into low prices, missed delivery dates, and details that get lost in translation. Those customers are now our customers, over and over again.

Given the world’s economic climate we have realized that the consumer is looking for extra value for their dollar. PH Custom Designs gives you that competitive edge to grow your brand’s reputation through exceptional quality and aggressive pricing structures.

You are looking for something different, something that no longer exists in the headwear manufacturing industry. No matter your market, whether it be Action Sports, Fashion, Music or Apparel,…. We are here.